Valqua Group CSR

“The Valqua Way” is the corporate philosophy of the Valqua Group from which the Company name is derived, and it is the basic philosophy as well.
Four “Corporate Principles” and “10 Action Principles” organized to help employees understand even more and to facilitate implementation. This deep understanding and implementation is the foundation of the Valqua Group CSR.
The unique Company Group CSR concept is launched on the foundation of “The Valqua Way,” positioning 2007 as the first year of CSR, implementing more practical activities.


The Valqua Group CSR concept

Promoting activities with an emphasis on three concepts in order to achieve a practical approach conscious of the unique Valqua contribution to society.


CSR activity promotion system

Incorporating activities in the line based on the CSR concept in order to ensure active and reliable implementation and clarifying promotion responsibility. Also established the “CSR Council” in order to ensure the overall integrity of CSR activities and promote horizontal development, and working toward activity themes in cooperation with each organization in the Group.


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