Electric / Electronic Industry

Valqua No.NameApplications / Equipments
3645TRYPACKBattery terminal seal for artificial satellite
7500VALFLON BearingOffice automation equipmentBearing
Keyboard Cover
Keyboard Cover
(7BG139 seriesVALFLON PFA Tube with Inner Surface Treated with Liquid Ammonia and Relaxed FoldsUsed in fixing roll covers for office equipment (high resolution, color LBPs and copiers).
(7BG138 series)
(9BG261)TOUGHRETHANE BallMouse ball for PC
2060Synthetic Rubber Ball
5060Silicone Rubber Ball
27000FR SheetUsed for condenser etc. Can also be used as slider because of the low-adhesion and sliding properties that PTFE has and cushioning properties that rubber has.
7160VALFLON Skived ProductsRoller and bearing for turn table of microwave oven
7160VALFLON Skived ProductCommunication equipmentWave guide spacer
7601VALFLON RodInsulation of connector and filter
7160VALFLON Machined productsCircuit-breakerAir-extinguishing chamber nozzle seal products
640Synthetic Rubber O-ring
2060Synthetic Rubber Molded products
4060Fluoro Rubber Molded products
7900VALFLON Skived TapeLarge generator and electric motorInsulation of coil and separator
7990VALFLON Cementable Tape
7910VALFLON Adhesive TapeSeparator for heat sealer
7925VALFLON Impregnated Glass Fiber Fabric Adhesive Tape
7940VALFLON Unsistered TapeInsulation for flat cable
Molded products
Waterproof snap switch cover

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