Details Spiral Wound Gasket - VALQUA - Seal, Fluorocarbon Resin & Piping Products
Used as flange gasket for piping, valve bonnet, pressure vessel, etc. handling high temperature/high pressure steam, oil, oil gas, solvent, thermal oil, etc.
Name Filler material Basic Design with Outer Ring with Inner Ring with Inner
/Outer Ring
CLEANTIGHT Non-asbestos inorganic paper No.8590 No.8591 No.8592 No.8596
Lined CLEANTIGHT Non-asbestos inorganic paper VALQUAFOIL tape No.8590L No.8591L No.8592L No.8596L
BLACKTIGHT VALQUAFOIL tape No.6590 No.6591(1) No.6592 No.6596
WHITETIGHT VALFLON tape No.7590 No.7591(1) No.7592 No.7596
Note (1)    We recommend No.6596 and No.7596 (with inner/outer rings) because No.6591 and No.7591
(with outer ring) may cause abnormal deformation inside, depending on usage condition.
Other information
• Gasket with partition bar for
heat exchanger
--------- For ordering a product with the partition, specify size and flat shape with "Y."
(ex.) Valqua No.8590V-ZEZYZ
• Non-circular gasket --------- For ordering a non-circular product (oval, ellipse, square, etc.), specify size and flat shape with "E."
(ex.) Valqua No.8590V-ZEZEZ
• Gasket for nuclear power station
use (AE-processed)
--------- For ordering a product for use where halogen ion or fat oil should be avoided, such as for a cooling system of a nuclear power station, specify "E."
(ex.) Valqua No.6596V-EEEZE
Metal materials
SUS304 aluminum
SUS304L titanium
SUS316 nickel
SUS316L Monel metal
SUS321 SPCC(inner/outer ring only)
Applied standard
• JIS B 2404
• JPI-7S-41
• ASME B16, 20
Related standard
• JIS F 7102
Manufacturing Range unit:mm
gasket thickness inside diameter
6.4(W) 3004000
4.5(V) 103000
1.6(P) 10150
Remarks: Product of gasket thickness 1.6 mm is available only for the basic shape and SUS 316 loop.
Standard Size
Available usage range
• for JIS pipe flanges
• for JPI and ASME/ANSI pipe flanges

The manufacture range includes gaskets for standard pipe flanges per API, MSS, etc. and for equipment such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and valve bonnets.
Available usage range
Valqua No. Temperature range (1) Pressure limitation
8590 series -200500 29.4o300p
8590L series -200600 29.4o300p
6590 series
-270450 29.4o300p
7590 series -260300 19.6o200p
Note (1) The temperature range above depends on the materials of hoop and inner/outer rings.