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Since our founding in 1927, we at the Valqua Group have worked tirelessly to offer our customers both the “value” and “quality” that forms our name, and have supported and contributed to the development of the Japanese economy as a pioneer of industrial seal products and processed fluororesin products.

At present, the Valqua Group is expanding its business in 3 major product areas: the “Seal Products Business”, which involves the development of seal materials for piping and equipment used in various industries, such as petroleum refining, petrochemistry, ironmaking, energy plants, automobiles, hydraulic-pneumatic equipment, construction equipment,and semiconductor manufacturing equipment; the “High-performance Plastics Products Business”, which involves products predominantly utilizing fluorocarbon resin with a variety of different functions; and “Other Businesses” that have a lot of growth potential and will help decrease our impact on the environment.

The Valqua Group takes our responsibility toward our society very seriously: to retain our status as a “company that delights its customers” even as changes to our business environment and evolutions in technology charge forward, while also retaining the trust of our many stakeholders.

To make this ideal a reality, the Valqua Group aims to become an “H&S Company.” This term, short for “Hardware and Service Company,” seeks to synergize the sale of Hardware products, made possible by the technological capabilities sought by our customers, with efforts to unearth “unmet needs” together with our customers and provide original and unique technologies and services. In achieving true harmony between the Hardware and the Service, we can emerge anew as an “H&S Company” that can provide true solutions to our customers.

We hereby commit ourselves to you, our customers and our partners, and pledge to create new added value, and realize sound and sustainable growth for you and for Valqua Group.

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