Automotive Industry

Valqua No.NameApplications / Equipments
(VND6)Compressed Non-Asbestos SheetGasket for oil pan, oil cooler, front cover, etc.
(VND6)Compressed Non-Asbestos SheetGasket for gear box, compressor, fuel system, etc.
(VND6)Compressed Non-Asbestos SheetGasket for cooling system fluid such as LLC
681Oil SheetGasket for Valve Body of AT mission.
681GOil SheetGasket for Valve Body of AT mission.
681PGOil Sheet Gasket (Adhesive type)Used as gasket for hydraulic pressure control of automatic transmission valve
3641Metal Hollow OringGaskets for high temperature applications such as ultra high pressure fuel injection systems (pressure of 200 MPa) and exhaust gas outlets.
640Synthetic Rubber O-ringGasket for fixing and moving machinery
(NRF640)NEW RUBBERFLON O-ringThe low-friction surface offers no adhesion with other parts or machines, and O-rings can be installed automatically and continuously. It is mainly used as a static seal.
2060HRubber products for Wire HarnessTerminal contact seal for wire harness (cable assembly)
E9060TOUGHRETHANE BootsBoots for power steering and suspension.
E9060TOUGHRETHANE Injection productsVarious molded products that require more toughness than rubber's and more elasticity than resin's
Film Sheet
Airbag for automobile
Tube, Hose
Terminal protection of bundled cables
7510VALFLON Piston RingCompressor piston ring, seal ring for power steering and transmission, back-up ring for brake packing, bellows of
7645VALFLON Back-Up Ring
7800VALFLON Machined Bellows
(ENPLA)ENPLA products
(Engineering Plastic)
Check balls and element parts for transmission and gas exhaust devices, and moving parts such as bushes, thrust washers, and dust seals

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