Power Plant

Valqua No.NameApplications / Equipments
6500AECompressed Non-Asbestos sheetPipe flange and gasket for connecting equipmentAuxiliary cooling system, turbine condensate system, and safety injection water system
Nuclear cooling re-circulate system, main steam system, main water supply system, reactor core spray system, aux. equipment cooling system, residual heat removal system, sampling spent fuel pooling system
Primary cooling system, reproducing or non-reproducing residual heat removal system, aux. equipment cooling system, seal water system, sampling system, spent fuel pooling system.
Same as BWR and PWR
640Synthetic Rubber O-ringHydraulic and pneumatic equipment, measuring instrument, power actuator
4640Fluoro Rubber O-ring
5640Silicone Rubber O-ring
VF-10AEVAQUAFOIL Ring PackingValve stem seal(PWR)
Primary cooling system, chemical volume and volume control system, waste disposition system, safety injection water system
Primary cooling system, main steam system, water supply system, turbine condensate system, nuclear reactor aux. equipment cooling system, waste disposition system, primary cooling material cleaning system, isolation cooling system, residual heat removal system
VF-20LAEVF Braid
6399LAECarbon Fabric Ring Packing
(3DW)Dynamic BellowsValve stem seal(PWR)
Primary coolant system, chemical and volume control system
Off-gas system, rare gas holdup system
Heavy water system
Na coolant system
5060Silicone Rubber PackingSeal for containment vessel(BWR)
Drywell top flange, air-lock type machinery gate
air-lock type machinery gate for container
(VS1)Mechanical SealGrip seal for regular air lock
5045INFLATE SEALPool gate for fuel storage Seal for rotary plug (FBR) Cask metal skirt for spent fuel transportation
2630Cloth and Synthetic Rubber V-packingFuel storage pit pool gate, rotary plug seal (BWR), cask metal skirt for spend fuel transportation
Air conditioning system(PWR)
Containment vessel re-circulate equipment, annulus exhaust device, ventilation for aux. building and radiation control area, exhaust system for Containment vessel repair
Emergency gas disposition system, gas cooling system in drywell (ATR, FBR), ventilation system
(PRBT)Penetration Rubber BootsSeal on penetration in radioactive protection wall(BWR, ATR)
Nuclear reactor building, turbine building, radioactive waste treatment construction
7042VALFON Lined PipeVessel, tube, and piping materials, using chemical liquid or special gas for cleaning process, etching device, oxidation, photolithography, diffusion, and ion implantation
PF2VALFON (PFA)Piping materials(BWR)
Chemical injection line H2SO4 dilution tank for radioactive waste disposition system
H2SO4 measuring tank and dilution tank for ion exchange resin regeneration of chemical volume control system
(7FC62A)Lined Ball Valve

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