Food Industry

Valqua No.NameApplications / Equipments
7740SLIPPER SEALFor drinks
(alcoholic drink,
carbonated drink,
lactic drink)
Filling machineRotary seal
7631VALFLON V-packing
2060Synthetic RubberBottle cap packing
4060Fluoro Rubber
5060Silicone Rubber
Flexible Hose
Flexible hose
(8BG11G)PP General Injection molded productBottle cleaning machineBottle holder
2060Synthetic Rubber PackingLabelerBottle stand pad
(XM221)TOUGHRETHANE SpongeSponge pad
E9320TOUGHRETHANE Casing GripCaser - uncaserGrip rubber
5640Silicone Rubber O-ringFilterGasket
(7BG11)VALFLON PFA molded ProductHousing
2060Ferrule GasketPiping seal productsSanitary gaskets
N7030Non Asbestos VALFLON Enveloped GasketGasket for places where asbestos should not be used
5060Silicone Rubber BallRubber ball for powder sieving machine
(VS1)Diaphragm SealSeal for screw conveyor for powder
7160VALFLON Skived ProductRoll for bread baking, lined hopper
7042VALFLON Pipe MaterialLined piping for chemical seasoning mixing line
(7004)VALFLON CoatingCoating of ready-to-eat noodle machine
(7004)VALFLON CoatingCoating of business-use rice cooker
7042VALFLON Lined ProductLining of butter and cheese melting and mixing machine
Cut products
Pestle and mortar for rice cake making machines

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