Company History

January,1927 Founded as NIPPON BRAKE LINING SEISAKUSHO for the manufacturing and sales of brake linings for automobiles and various high-speed machines.
April,1932 Changed company name to NIPPON VALQUA INDUSTRIES. and started manufacturing of gaskets for industrial use.
June,1941 Started manufacturing of Synthetic Rubber Gaskets and compressed Sheets for application on aircraft.
October,1943 Merged with Nippon Kinzoku Eitai Kogyo Co., Ltd. and began producing metal gaskets for the fuel industry.
February,1952 Completed research work on the fabrication of fluorocarbon resin and was the first company to successfully commercialize the product inJapan. Began manufacturing and sales of such resin under the trade name “VALFLON”.
September,1962 Listed in the second section market at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July,1969 Founded the joint venture company TAIWAN VALQUA INDUSTRIES, LTD. (now a consolidated subsidiary) in Taiwan.
September,1975 Listed as a publicly quoted company in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Stock Exchange.
August,1985 Founded KYUSHU VALQUA CO., LTD. (now a consolidated subsidiary) in Kaho-gun, Fukuoka
July,1988 Founded the joint venture company VALQUA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND), LTD. in Thailand.
April,1989 Merged with Okafuku Shoji Co., Ltd.
November,1993 Established Nara Works in Gojo, Nara, and started manufacturing of highly-functional rubber products.
August,1995 Founded SHANGHAI VALQUA FLUOROCARBON PRODUCTS CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in China.
March,1996 Nara works obtain ISO9002 certification.
June,1998 Founded VALQUA AMERICA, INC.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in U.S.A..
March,2000 Founded VALQUA SES CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in Ichihara-shi, Chiba
March,2000 Equity participation in Taisei Equipment Co., Ltd. (now Valqua Techno, Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary)).
March,2000 Founded TAIWAN VALQUA ENGNEERING INTERNATIONAL, LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in Taipei,Taiwan
November,2000 Founded VALQUA SEAL PRODUCTS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in China.
July,2001 Nara works obtain ISO14001 certification.
September,2002 Founded VALQUA (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in China.
October,2002 Nara works obtain ISO9001 certification.
October,2002 Established Valqua Seal Solutions Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) through a simple spin-off split of the production department (Shinshiro works and Nara works).
March,2004 Founded VALQUA KOREA CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in Korea.
January,2006 Opened M·R·T CENTER in Machida, Tokyo, as the center for our fluorocarbon resin business and human resources development.
December,2007 Headquarters moved from Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo to osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
April,2008 Founded VALQUA VIETNAM CO., LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary) in Vietnam.
April,2010 Made IIDA PACKING INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.,(VALQUA METAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.) a consolidated subsidiary.
September,2010 Launched enhanced China operations through an operational and capital tie up with Daikin Industries, Ltd.
December,2011 Made Fujimi Fine Technology, Inc.(now VALQUA FFT INC.) a consolidated subsidiary.
April,2013 Founded ADVANCE FLON TECHNOLOGIES (SHANGHAI) CO., a joint venture with Guarniflon S.p.A.,Italian company,in China
February,2017 Made NISSHIN GULF COAST, INC.(now VALQUA NGC, Inc.) a consolidated subsidiary in U.S.A..
November,2017 Founded VALQUA INDUSTRIES SHINGAPORE PTE. LTD.(now a consolidated subsidiary)in Singapore.
October,2018 Changed company name to VALQUA, LTD.

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