VALQUA’s Policies

As a corporation that contributes to the development of industries and the improvement of people’s life, VALQUA requires high-level ethics of every group employee and, based on them, practices corporate activities.

Privacy Policy

VALQUA’s policy on personal information protection


Environmental Charter

VALQUA group’s charter established on environmental preservation


Disclosure Policy

VALQUA’s policy on information disclosure


Compliance Manual

VALQUA’s basic policy on compliance


Safety Declaration and Policies

VALQUA’s basic stance on safety activities


Privacy Policy

VALQUA has established its Privacy Policy described below for protecting personal information. VALQUA takes all possible measures to ensure personal information protection.

1. Purposes of collecting personal information

VALQUA may collect personal information from customers and other stakeholders for justifiable purposes within the scope required for fulfilling VALQUA’s work, by lawful and fair means.

2. Limitation in purpose

VALQUA uses personal information only for purposes that have been established in advance for collecting the information.

3. Providing information to third parties

VALQUA does not provide information on a person to a third party without consent of the person. However, VALQUA may provide personal information to a third party when this is judged to be necessary for securing public interest or on the basis of laws and regulations.

4. Information control system

VALQUA makes efforts to keep its controlled personal information correct and updated. In managing personal information, VALQUA takes measures to prevent the information from unlawful access, destruction, manipulation or disclosure.

5. Request for suspending disclosure, correction or utilization of information

Whenever requested by a person whose information is controlled by VALQUA, VALQUA suspends disclosing, correcting, making addition, deleting or utilizing information on the person, according to the procedures set forth under “Personal Information Management Rules.”

6. Compliance

In order to protect personal information in a secured manner, VALQUA follows laws, regulations, and discipline related to VALQUA’s business.

Environmental Charter

Environmental Principles

In accordance with VALQUA’s corporate principles, with the realization that the preservation of global environment is most important common task facing mankind, VALQUA strives to preserve the global environment in its every aspect of cooperate activities, and aims to form a society where the sustainable growth of business enterprise is possible.

Environmental Policies

In compliance with the Environmental Principles, we set following policies and every individual within the company acts and fulfills the responsibility as a good global citizen.

  • Establish the environmental management system of entire VALQUA group, endeavor to maintain and improve it, and we ensure its implementation.
  • In addition to abiding by laws, regulations, treaties, and agreements at home and abroad, we also set voluntary environmental standards and contribute to the preservation of environment further.
  • Working in cooperation with other industries and society, we strive to create and provide ecologically friendly products and services.
  • In all spheres of our cooperative activities, with vigorously pushing forward of 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we strive to ensure the conservation of resources and energy, the reduction of waste and the avoidance of polluting risks.
  • We disclose our environmental information widely to the global society to say nothing of the local community, and endeavor to concert and cooperate with society.
  • Through the environmental-related education, we make efforts to have all individuals of VALQUA Group understand the Environmental Charter and enhance awareness of the environment.

Disclosure Policy

VALQUA has established its Disclosure Policy described below. VALQUA makes efforts to infiltrate the policy into the entire group and to provide the stockholders and investors with accurate information in a fair and timely manner.

1. Criteria of disclosure

When disclosing information, VALQUA complies with Securities Exchange Law and “Rules on Timely Disclosure of Company Information by Issuers of Listed Securities” (referred to as “Disclosure Rules”) laid down by Tokyo Stock Exchange. VALQUA may disclose such information that is not defined by the Disclosure Rules as information to be timely disclosed, provided that VALQUA deems that the information should be disclosed. Disclosure of the information is made in a fair manner on the Web site or by any other suitable means.

2. Method of disclosure

When disclosing information to which the Disclosure Rules apply, VALQUA publishes such information on the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange, in compliance with the provisions of the Disclosure Rules. Although information published on the TDnet is posted also on the VALQUA’s Web site promptly, this can be significantly later than the publication on the TDnet for a reason of the system. It should also be noted that not all information published on the TDnet is posted on the VALQUA’s Web site.

3. Forecast of business results

VALQUA makes efforts to increase the accuracy of forecasting business results and, whenever any change in forecast arises, the change will be promptly disclosed. It should be noted, however, that disclosed information is worked out on the basis of data available at that time, and actual results may differ from the disclosed information, affected by various factors. VALQUA is not liable for any damages that may occur on the basis of disclosed information.

4. Quiet period

Although VALQUA defines the period from the date of quarterly, interim or annual settlement to the date of its announcement as the “quiet period” (self-restraint IR period), VALQUA restrains itself from making comments or response about the content of settlement, results or forecast of business to particular stockholders, investors or the press. However, in case any discrepancies exist between the disclosed forecast of settlement and updated forecast of settlement is found during the mentioned period, VALQUA according to the Disclosure Rules, discloses the information as revised settlement forecast.

Compliance Manual

VALQUA worked out the Compliance Manual in April 2003 as the guideline for compliance management (law-abiding management).

Basic stance

Compliance management (law-abiding corporate management) refers to as the execution of work, observing inside and outside rules surrounding the company, such as laws, ordinances, and in-house regulations while conducting corporate management. Compliance management is Code of Conduct or ethics that must be followed by responsible companies acting as members of society.

Compliance system

In order to work out a basic policy of compliance and to supervise management, VALQUA has organized standing Compliance Committee, involving directors. Under the Compliance Committee is operating Compliance Promoting Committee composed of managers of major divisions to work out compliance rules, to plan enlightenment and education, and to promote compliance activities.

Distribution of Compliance Manual (booklet)

Each VALQUA group member receives Compliance Manual (booklet) as a guideline for work execution, and is guided and enlightened on compliance.

Contents of Compliance Manual

Compliance Manual (booklet) is composed of (1) manual on general matters such as environmental preservation and proper use of information systems; (2) sales activities manual on observance of anticompetitive act, export and trade control, specified chemical substance control, etc.; (3) manual on workplace environment, such as sexual harassment; and (4) manual on private actions such as insider dealing and interest conflict actions. The entire manual outlines individual items, referring to instances that should be avoided.

Enlightenment and education

The Compliance Manual (booklet) is distributed to newly employed members. Enlightenment and education activities on law-abiding corporate management are carried out, utilizing in-house training and other occasions.

Safety Declaration and Safety Policies

Group Declaration on Safety

The Valqua group of companies holds a common awareness shared by all group members that “Safety takes precedence over all else”, as the group works together to adopt safety activities under the attention and responsibility of each individual.

Group Safety Policies

Under the Declaration on Safety, we have established the following policies, and each employee will work together in the field to put safety activities into practice.

  • May 18th is established as “Safety Day within the Valqua group of companies” in which we will hold a safety awareness event, and which shall serve as the origin of activities aiming to further each group employee’s safety awareness and to eliminate accidents.
  • To strengthen, maintain, and further the group’s safety management framework.
  • To observe the relevant statutory laws and company regulations to ensure safety, while always being conscious of the potential onset of problems and making quick and accurate improvements.
  • With thorough and complete education and training, to strive to reduce the risks of breaching safety, and to promote zero incidents of work accidents.

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