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VALQUA No. Product Name Description Application Detail
- GYLON This gasket was developed by Garlock. “GYLON” gaskets developed by Garlock are extremely capable seal materials. In addition to exceptional chemical resistance, GYLON’s flexibility allows it to demonstrate high sealability in a variety of conditions—from extremely low temperatures to high temperature/high pressure conditions.
- Gland Packing “#1298” “#1298” gland packing is formed by braiding an outer jacket out of Inconel wire-reinforced PBI yarn around an interlock braided carbon yarn core. It is suitable for applications requiring both toughness and flexibility, and is used mainly as a high temperature/high pressure valve.
- Klozure Oil Seal Klozure Oil Seal was independently developed for each rotating shaft application, to maintain lubricant, prevent contamination, and help in fluid release. It helps machinery to move continuously, and reduces maintenance costs. It is used in various rotation shaft applications.
- Gland Packing “#5000” Unlike traditional carbon packing, “#5000” does not contaminate fluids. Durable even in severe usage conditions, this long-lasting packing offers both toughness and flexibility.
- Gland Packing “#1925” “#1925” is formed by combining our internally developed Synthepak yarn with patented fiber-injected PTFE yarn. It offers flexibility, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance—all at a reasonable price.

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