Metallic Bellows

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VALQUA No. Product Name Description Application Detail
(3DW) Dynamic Bellows (V Series) Standard metal welded bellows consisting of desired number of blocks with a free length of 10 mm to ensure ease of use depending on the required amount of expansion. Used in a variety of equipment based on a combination of standard size and number of blocks.

Pressure range :
Differential pressure 0.098MPa {1kgf/cm2}

Manufacturing range :
Inside diameter: 8-210mm dia.
Standard material :
SUS304 (Substandard SUS316L)
(3DW) Dynamic Bellows (M Series) Metal welded bellows that have been developed using structural analysis technology and offer a long service life at a low cost. Used in drive seals for vacuum equipment, semiconductor production equipment and bellows cylinders, bellows pumps and manipulators.

Standard dimension :
Inside diameter: 8-50mm dia.
Standard material :
(3DW) Dynamic Bellows Metal welded bellows consisting of sheet metals molded into a ring of S or Y-shaped cross-section and welded at the inside and outside diameters. Used in stem seals for various types of valves, vacuum drive seals in semiconductor production equipment, expansion pipe joints for vacuum sealing of accelerators and nuclear fusion equipment and mechanical seals for oil control and pulsation dampening due to its flexible stretchability and spring constant.

Pressure range:
extremely high vacuum to 49MPa {500kgf/cm2}

Manufacturing range:
Inside diameter:3-1,000mm dia. (2,000mm sq.)
Configuration:circle, ellipse, square
Number of folds:optional
Material:SUS (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347), AM-350, Inconel, hastelloy, titanium, Monel and others

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