Processed Products

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VALQUA No. Product Name Description Application Detail
7160 (ENPLA) Engineering Plastic Fabricated Product This product is formed by molding high-performance plastics such as PPS, PEEK, PEI, or Econol into specific shapes. It is used as parts of all kinds, such as semiconductors, liquid crystals, automobiles, appliances, and construction machinery. 詳細 PDFリンク
7170 VALFLON® PFA Bolt/Nut PFA bolts and nuts. It is used as assembly parts of all kind for semiconductors, etc. 詳細 PDFリンク
VALFLON® PFA Molded Products PFA injection molded products. We provide molded products of all kinds, including PFA trays for semiconductor manufacturing processes. 詳細 PDFリンク
8BG Series PP General Molded Products Polypropylene injection molded products. It is used in parts for all types of devices, including automobile-related parts. 詳細 PDFリンク

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