Washing Nozzle

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VALQUA No. Product Name Description Application Detail
7FZ1 VALFLON® Spray Ball This product is formed by perforating and processing the tip of a nozzle made of PTFE material with high precision, so that the inside of tanks can be washed efficiently. This is used for washing inside of tanks such as reaction tanks, mixing tanks, and storage tanks. The heat and chemical resistance characteristics of PTFE allow the product to be permanently installed inside the tank. Washing can be done in a short period of time, helping to reduce the amount of cleaning liquid. 詳細 PDFリンク
7FZ1-R VALFLON® Rotary Spray Ball The spray head portion of this product rotates in a vertically inverse manner, making it possible to wash parts that are prone to being a blind angle, and to evenly wash the insides of tanks. In addition to food products, chemicals, and drugs, this product can be used to wash products in a variety of industries. It has similar PTFE characteristics as the current Spray Ball. 詳細 PDFリンク

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